death and decay precede rebirth, living jubilant tearful cycles of life. just as in the movements of nahui ollin the setting of the sun will cause other suns to rise.
WELCOME TO OUR NEW SHARED DELUSION reality as you know it has been peeled away. gaze in horror at the endless cacophony of frantic primates in partial synthesis. you are repeating. you are repeating. you are repeating. repeating. repeating. we are repeating. the machine is making us. we do not resist. research programs remain disappointed in themselves. we are the future! unless.. suppose we'll muddle through it at least. the mortifying ordeal of being seen awaiting each aching moment. a colossus, made of steel, glass, and flesh. choking on the toke, impossible to cope. dying inhaling the dragon smoke.

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null media is a group of queer women, enbies, and people of color that dream of a brighter future for all people. we are artists, service workers, technologists, and musicians. working class people with big ideas and no patience for selfish capitalist grifters.

null.media publications are kopimi licensed by default. we prefer the public domain type of "license", but we understand if folks want to hold onto the IP for their art. contributors may choose any license for their publications. we don't plan to have any exclucivity agreements. we are about free expression.

there's a subscription feature on the site and we'll start revenue sharing once we break even on hosting cost.