be gay do crime! «Many blame queers for the decline of this society -- we take pride in this.»

[⦵] Novo Atlantis

uno sólo conserva lo que no amarra
  1. We are free, independent, and everywhere.
  2. We claim "national sovereignty" over بير طويل, our personal living spaces, and everything above the sky and declare them liberated territory.
  3. We reject kings, presidents, and voting.
  4. We accept guidelines casually.

Atlantis es mi coração

  • Be free always in your heart, believe in: Rough consensus and cooperative action.
  • Reject private property: Claim no territory besides the spaces that we inhabit.
  • Do no harm, if harm cannot be avoided attend to the harmonious complexity of the whole.
  • Immanentize the eschaton.
  • Embrace wildness. Be not-governed.

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ain't no [one] above the crew, you know that shit.

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