Roadmap 19256

Roadmap 19256

null media is a group of queer women, enbies, and people of color that dream of a brighter future for all people. we are artists, service workers, technologists, and musicians. working class people with big ideas and no patience for selfish capitalist grifters.

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we take a holistic approach to everything we do. approachable media, cutting edge research, and tangible benefits for all. we seek to embody an enlightened vision of humankind; a restoration of the ways of life that were destroyed by western imperialism and its alchemical machine cult. embodying the highest virtues without falling for selfishness and lust for personal power. a culture that truly seeds strength, freedom, love, and cooperation everywhere it goes. at a high level we seek the following objectives:

  • [FREE forever] universal basic internet: zero-infrastructure data-access network made of participating smartphones
  • [work together] universal basic income: a confederation of cooperative trade unions that pays the bills and invests in the local community
  • [never surrender] universal basic inheritance: life on earth is a gift, private property is theft

we are the co-owners of our destiny. we make the world run, the papers should reflect that fact. unions and cooperatives are natural partners. they can check each other and provide a natural mechanism for job placement, pensions, disability, and other social safety nets. its not a pitch, its a way of life. "the more you share, the more your bowl will be plentiful."

A self-sustaining culture of life

the compensation structure of null and affiliated stations are based on the same UBI systems. we'll fill the buckets starting with our organization to get things started and as the federation grows we can expand coverage to our local community and eventually abroad.

If it was real philanthropy, the model would be one of no-strings-attached grants, delivered via a competitive process open to people in disadvantaged communities - not a model based on loans which must be repayed with interest, with collection agencies lurking in the background to go after defaulters in this manner.

This is why people are better off cutting deals with the hard-nosed businesspeople who spell out risks and conditions upfront, rather than the liberal do-gooder snake-oil merchants with their ulterior motives.

→ Heart of Darkness

we cannot fall for this deception any longer. at the end of the day, its about everyone getting fed, clothed, and sheltered. we can't lose sight of that. we must become the co-owners of our destiny. we seek to amplify the indigenous voices that call for peace, cooperation, and balance with nature. we hope to heal ravaged cityscapes and transform them into beautiful, productive, green spaces. we hope to inspire our bothers and sisters others to do the same.

Technology is only so useful, but it helps

we do not seek to establish central-central control. rather, to encourage economic cooperation by donating carefully thought out technology to our friends and allies. queer people of color in particular. providing a low-maintenance substrate with close to zero buy-in cost. not cryptocurrency, but something similar. a high-tech market without capitalist features. we want to step outside of ourselves and really understand what we need as a community to be able to thrive together.

our goal is to make the UBI's administrative overhead as small as possible. we seek novel software solutions that are fundamentally simple and fault tolerant. over the next few years, we will begin to roll out a mobile data-access network that can provide a type of universal basic internet using only smartphones as infrastructure. a gift. to prove that we are worthy.

detailed schematics, source code, and other components of our cooperative systems are available to members with no restrictions. all program projects are dedicated to the public domain, so that members can use this information to benefit their own lives without restrictions. we want to foster a cooperative environment for engaging with research and community development. more importantly, we want to make sure our time and investments benefit the community in a tangible way.

Listen to indigenous wisdom

the west may have unleashed an all-consuming machine-construct upon the world, but they do not hold the wisdom that we need to find balance with our environment. we appreciate the gift of alchemy, we cannot resent the average person for the waves of history that carried them here. we can only move forward and heal where and what we can.

there isn't an institution that can heal the intense damage that western colonialism has inflicted on the world. this has to start in our hearts and minds and in our culture. we must decolonize our minds and let go of the selfish grindset. we all get ahead together. null media is nothing more than a nucleation point. we serve the weak. we serve the people.


We really just want to help our friends and families get ahead. Reparations aren't likely to happen any time soon. We'll make do with what we have.

  • Launching the A R C O N I T E brand to bring attention to these ideas and begin sketching out the culture that we envision as art and dance centered around this ezine. the stories that we tell about ourselves guide our dreams for the future. we don't control, we build it together.
  • Funding a task force that will build the foundations for a voluntary social and economic federation based on universal basic internet, universal basic income, and universal basic inheritance. Federación de Comercio Cooperativo de Novo Atlantis.
  • Investing in small businesses that have strong positive social ties with their communities. Expanding the federation until we have resources to invest in education on many levels, including extracurriculars like self defense. Allying ourselves with the people in the community that are already doing this important work.